Ability to search and select groups for smb security


using FreeNAS where the security model seems to be similar (setting an admin user via web ui and then creating/changing security regarding users and groups with that user connected via smb) i expected it to work the same which is true to some extend. finding and setting users works fine but groups arent detected. Maybe that is a bug, mabe that is something else that needs to be implemented to work. I attached a screen to demonstrate the search through windows via admin user which only shows users but no groups:

@felixbrucker I can’t test this right now, but hope to, soon. Thanks for clearly explaining the behavior. I expect the fix to be a config directive in smb.conf. Perhaps someone can experiment and provide more information.

I agree! This is important
IMHO it is even more important to be able to select groups rather then individual users
For now I leave ‘Admin Users’ empty and add

Admin Users = @"Storage Admins"

to the Custom configuration section.
I then alter the ACL’s via the Shared Folders mmc snap-in on windows.
@suman : What more information do you need?
You just add an @-sign , followed by the group name

Admin Users = @"Group 1",@"Group 2",user1,"user 2"

If you really want to mix