Add SSL for e-mail alerts, or create a list of compatible providers

I am trying to configure e-mail alerts for my install and have been unable to do so, it seems, because the TLS option is the only one available (see screenshot). My e-mail provider does not support TLS for SMTP connections, they only support SSL. Can SSL be added to Rockstor? Or can someone create a list of e-mail providers that use TLS?

I am aware that gmail seems to the be everyone’s choice provider, but I try to avoid Google products when possible. Any suggestions welcomed/appreciated!

You could try Zoho. I know it works with TLS.

I am sure there are more options that others may like to share here. Anyone?

I tried Zoho previously, but was unable to get an account without purchasing/moving a domain to them. After your suggestion, I went back and realized that I hadn’t scrolled far enough down the page.

Zoho works great. Thanks!

@Learning2NAS @suman I like as they have really good documentation and I heard they are a good open source citizen; contributing back to the os projects that they run on which is good.

Only 30 days free though, however their first / Lite plan is $10 a year, I think that’s Australian dollars. Their popularity in the light of this bodes well for their continued existence. I have also tried their support out (my failings) and it was fairly quick and efficient, so that’s another plus.

A pertinent part of their docs is on SSL vs TLS vs STARTTLS.

Currently they work just find with Rockstor’s Email Notifications.

Just chipping in with another provider.