Adding files to plex - NOOB question

ive added the plex add on and mapped the data as plex-data. unfortunately i am unable to map to this location to add any files. The only drive i can see is my Samba disk.

so my question is how do i add files to my plex disk?

thanks in advance

It is somewhat unclear to me, how your configuration is.

Plex needs two mapped pathes. One is plex_config where it stores its configuration data.
In my case I have created a share for this on my system disk.

The second is plex_data. This is where plex is looking for the media files. You have to map the share as plex_data, where you media files are stored. In plex you can then find the mapped share under /data

Maybe you can do some screenshots to explain your configuration.


I have set the same mapped path’s you mentioned. But i cant map to them on my PC to upload the files to them. When i try to map to a network drive all i can see is my samba storage. I will get some screenshots up later.

You can map a network drive only if its shared via Samba or NFS.

With plex it works as follows:

  • Create a share for you media files (share is here meant as BTFS share)
  • In case you want to upload from a Windows client, share this via Samba
  • To access these files via plex, configure this share as plex_data

Thats it.

Thanks Maik!!!

Just uploading my files now :smiley: