Adding postgresql db for another purpose

I’m deploying oVirt, which allows storing its postgresql database on another server. I’d like to use Rockstor’s postgresdb and use the Alternate Database Location feature to store in a btrfs share, which I back-up offsite.
How dependable do you think this will be? Can anyone confirm Rockstor will never wipe other (non-Rockstor) databases during upgrades. oVirt doesn’t specify which version of postgresql is required, but I’m sure Rockstor’s one (v9.2.23) will be fine.

Hi @grizzly,

I’m not familiar enough in postgres to help with this specifically, but could your need(s) be met with the mariaDB Rock-on (or another Rock-on) we have?
This way, the database would be dedicated to your need(s) and on a dedicated BTRFS share.