After adding disks, rockstor tries to use the wrong disk in a pool

Hi, like some others reported, I had a working system, but after I made a change by adding a disk, rockstor is confused about what disks are in my pool, and it won’t mount correctly. I ave seen a few other reports of this, but not what to do about the problem.

I had two disks, both were used in a pool (mounted as sdb and sdc in the pic). I created a samba share when it was working, copied data there; in the , even though there isn’t anything there; in the share management page, it shows the data size correctly. In the below pic, disk’s sdB and sdC are the disks that should be in the pool, but rockstor won’t do the right assignment. I unplugged the physical disk referred to as sdD below, rebooted, and rockstor still insists that is part of the pool. Also I get an error on boot, failed to read chunk tree on “sdc”; it is confusing to me that it says an error about sdc, I’d expect an error about sdd, since it’s not even in the system.

How can I fix this? I’m afraid if I click on the trashcan by sdd, I’ll screw up my pool. Do I need to fall back to btrfs command line tools?

What I’m hoping for is to be able to get my system back to a working state, and then add disks without screwing up the existing pools. Is that so much to ask? :slight_smile:

I had a similar issue when i upgraded motherboard/cpu on my system. I fixed by ensuring all drives were plugged into sata ports in the order they had been originally plugged in and restarting. I then haad to rescan/refresh in the disk management page. Not at home right now so i’m not exactly certain of the page/button label.

Thanks for your reply. I ended up giving up recovering and just formatted my disks and started over. I think I had 2 problems: (1) the problem with randomly renaming the disks - that problem is fixed for me in the latest release. (2) I had a bad disk combined with that.

It turned out one of my 3 disks would not format correctly, so I just gave up, removed that disk and started over with just 2, and now its working.