Are third-party software kept after upgrades?

Hi, I have been installing some third-party software on my Rockstor box mostly because dealing with their Docker images is such a pain (Crashplan especially :frowning:)

Could someone help me figure out what will happen to these when I upgrade my Rockstor install? Thanks!

  1. Software installed through yum from the default repositories
  2. Software installed through yum from third-party repositories
  3. Software installed outside yum
  4. Software installed through Docker outside Rock-Ons

In most cases nothing should happen. Rockstor doesn’t deliberately touch/remove any yum packages or directories that it has nothing to do with. Same goes to Docker, in fact, I run this forum as a docker container on one of our Rockstor boxes here. Having said all of this, we can’t obviously give blanket guarantees as a lot depends on what the third-party stuff does. Let us know if you do run into any specific interference from Rockstor bits.

Thanks, I’ll try not to mess with my install too much then :smile: