Best resource for setting up share permissions?

Every time I go to setup a NAS, regardless of platform, I get confused about sharing permissions; in particular, how best to set up samba/cifs in a heterogeneous home network.

But google is really no help, as there are thousands of idiosyncratic resources out there. I obviously haven’t found the one I’m looking for: a simple, basic, way to setup samba shares so that they work sensibly across windows, mac, linux.

Anyone else?

Hi bdarcus,

There is no simple basic way to setup sharing in a heterogeneous environment imho.
You are dealing with different systems of identifying users/groups and permissions.
How you setup shares and permissions is depending on how you want to get things organised.

Can you first describe how you manage users?
( only local users, or centrally managed users for all computers, … )
Then can you describe what you want to achieve?
Do you want to prevent certain users to gain access to certain folders/files,
or do you need to allow everyone to read/write/delete everything, but it is not working properly?

With this information, we can figure out what the best approach is for you

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Thanks. But this is kind of my point: why is there (apparently) not some straightforward general resource on this?

I mean, take a standard scenario (like here) of a family with a few users, who want to share some music and photo files, and have personal storage space for backup? Some are using Macs, and some Windows or Linux.

Or a SMB context, with broadly similar needs to share some resources, and for personal spaces for others.

I guess to clarify, I’m interested in part in the best practices intersection between general issues around network sharing, and specific issues about structuring pools and shares, etc. in BTRFS/Rockstor.