"Bind" exports to NIC

Can exports be “bound” to a particular NIC or subnet?

I have a server with multiple NICs, and have the integrated management (iLO/DRAC) on a VLAN, and would like to ensure that the management GUI is only available via a particular 1Gbe interface, and the exports are showing as even existing only via a third interface. The "storage VLAN’ carrying the exports will be non-routed, so that only the servers that are supposed to mount the shares will see them via their appropriate interface. But I don’t want the shares even being identifiable via any other interface/subnet to which the Rockstor server is connected.

Is this doable via Rockstor?


I don’t think you’ll be able to kill discoverability, however you can set the client address to a particular net/subnet to prevent access from anything outside of the network hosting your BMC’s.