Can't connect to Rockstor SAMBA share, ClearOS UTM server is in the mix

Hi all :wave:
I have just set up a Rockstor NAS and it is great!

I set it up at work (I am the network admin here) and it was great, created a Samba share, connected to it from my WIn 10 PC…all good.

Took it home where I have a recently-installed ClearOS UTM server and I cannot connect to the share :frowning:

I can browse to the Rockstor WebUI fine and can ping the Rockstor but cannot connect to the share from windows.

I have posted this in the ClearOS forum but thought it was worth a try here too in case someone here as had a similar issue.

New Zealand

@proneshooternz Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Glad you like Rockstor thus far.

Just to be clear re:

You are saying that you cannot connect to the Rockstor shares from windows at home but you can connect to the same share at work where you set the Rockstor system up?

On first read I thought you could not connect from ClearOS only which I think I heard recently is a thing with ClearOS where they don’t install samba or the samba client by default, or something like that (ie non working defaults). But if your windows system at home can’t connect, could it just be that it is a more fussy variant: ie check that the Workgroup setting on win client and Rockstor server match, I think that can affect server share visibility in some settings.

On the Rockstor front this setting is at:
System - Services - Samba -> spanner icon -> workgroup.

Hope that helps and keep us posted on your progress with this issue. There are others on the forum how are more familiar with windows clients than me so hopefully they can chip in with more ideas, suggestions. Assuming I haven’t misunderstood of course.