Clean install loads to GUI with this error present. Any way to fix this?

EDIT: Disregard this post. I’m going to roll back to the previous version, as it worked well during testing. I’ll leave this here in case one of the devs wants to look at this error further.

I did a clean install of 3.8.16-14 today and on my first boot to the GUI, I received this error. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Maybe something with the quota groups and the DB from first glance. Are you 100% sure the disk doesn’t have bad sectors or some alignment issues? Can you run SMART against it (even using CLI) just to ensure it’s not a drive with issues?

The most obvious answer is the DB install didn’t finish or work correctly. Can you try a reinstall or is this a multiple occurrence issue. (is there existing data on the disk)?

Hey there,

I never tried doing a second installation, but rolling back to the previous version cleared things up immediately. I’m using the same drive as before. There was no existing data on the disk during either install – I started both times with a freshly formatted file system.