Concerning Rock-ons

I have been using Unraid, and Freenas for my nas solutions. I recently discovered Rockstor and I am intrigued with the possibilities of btrfs. With unraid, I can add custom docker images, as long as i know all the information needed. I noticed with rockstor that you can only add the plugins that are listed. It would be nice to manually add docker plugins when needed. There are other images I like to use, like emby for example. I am sure you can do through CLI but It would be nice to make it more simpler. I actually like how rockstor looks though. Thats my only issue i have with it.

Welcome to Rockstor community @rfischer1984. Looks like good folks at Emby already created a Rock-On recipe and also documented on their official docker hub page. I took the natural next step and gave it a try. It worked pretty smoothly. So I’ve made it available on our public metastore so the app is available to every Rockstor user by default. Hit update on the Rock-ons screen and you’ll see it. Please try it yourself!

For other apps that are not available, you can add your own Rock-on recipes by following this README.