Controlling user group memberships

First baby steps with Rockstor. Having created an intial user, I then created a group, and spent some time trying to work out how to control user memberships in groups from the web UI.

Having searched the forum I can see posts from back in 2015/2016 saying this functionality was missing. Is this still true today?

I use unix groups and group permissions to control access by family members to my current Linux home server, and I have to say this seems like essential basic functionality to me.

@incans, beyond the basics (adding to/creating a new group) any more sophisticated is not implemented at this point. I believe, it’s mostly due dev capacity and other more pressing issues/features that needed to be addressed (and then it was not really revisited until you posted). So, at this point, if you need to change user/groups (as highlighted in your other post) then you’re unfortunately still stuck with the command line until the current developers or someone from this group’s forum is willing to take this on as a functionality development.

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