Custom export config

I see you have added a section for custom configuration for Samba exports. It would be good to have something similar for AFP, and also a global custom configuration for both Samba and AFP.

Yes, the custom samba configuration is per share. If you edit the global section of the samba config file, Rockstor doesn’t/shouldn’t overwrite it.

For AFP, can you give me some example custom configurations that are useful?

In apf.conf global section I am using ‘mimic model’ ‘file perm’ ‘directory perm’ ‘chmod request’ and ‘spotlight’.
In some of the share sections I am using ‘veto files’ and 'spotlight’
Currently I am manually defining the shares outside of the Rockstor section so they don’t get accidentally overwritten. It would be good to have everything set through the Rockstor interface.

Thanks for the explanation. It looks like for your needs, you really need more advanced/custom configuration and what’s supported right now is of no use.

We’ll add the support. Here’s the issue:

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