Direct data copy from NTFS usb disk to rockstor share map

Hallo all,

I’m a windows user and really like rockstor, It has a graphic interface which makes it easy to understand.
Now I would like to copy data from a NTFS disk to a rockstor share. I can do this through the network but it would be a lot easier if I could copy the data directly from USB.
My question:
Is it possible to connect a windows NTFS USB disk to a rockstor computer and copy / import the data directly to a rockstor share map?
When I connect the NTFS disk I can see it (storage / disks) but can not find a way to copy / import the data to the share map.
Is there a way to do this?

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@svberloo Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

At the moment Rockstor does not have a graphical user interface way to do this. It is planned and some of the building blocks to allow us to enable such a feature are now in place but at the moment your only option for local machine copying in this way is to use the linux command line. The issue to cover this feature is:

The missing text in the above excert reads:

1. backup Shares to it from the UI, on demand or on schedule
2. Transfer data from USB to a Share on demand or on schedule

If you are not familiar with the linux command line I would not recommend you do it this way as a typo in a command could result in an unfortunate outcome. So at the moment you may be safer just copying this data over the network.

A recent development towards this feature is the pending External Import disk role, the following image is a screen grab from our new disk roles interface:

Hope that helps.

Thanks for letting me know.