Easier way to access RS from outside lan

hello, i have been playing with this distro for the last few days and it’s a great nas, especially for all the rockon. this could be my solutions for a home server, as i use zoneminder which works great as well.

the only thing i cannot understand is why it is so hard to access it from outside the lan. i have already a homeserver for my cctv based on ubuntu and to access it it’s just matter of forwarding ports on the router and that’s it (have a few domains on it as well). for rockstore for what i understand a vpn connection to the server itself is necessary. I have managed in this way to access the owncloud files but that’s pretty much it. can’t connect to the zoneminder panel, despite i’ve forwarded ports on the router. why?

am i missing something or somebody could take me to the right direction?

thanks for reading.

Hi @satello,

Could you please expand on this?
I have no particular issue accessing any service that I have running either via OpenVPN, or via port forwarding.

I’m not running ZM anymore, but I have had no issues with:

  • Sonarr
  • NZBGet
  • Watcher
  • Plex

I can access these either via OpenVPN using the internal IP on the specified port, or my external port forwards on my public IP with the specified port.

hello, my fault. or actually my ISP fault. basically i am with vodafone uk for home broadband and i’ve read on their website that for a reason i really don’t understand, it is not possible with their service to access a webserver with own domain name within the LAN. basically 192.168.1.xxx:8091 works, while http://domain.com:8091 (this is for owncloud, but believe any other rockon will be the same) will not work. Can’t understand why but if I try to access from mobile using 3/4G it shows fine. thanks for your interess.

That might have to do with how they set up the routers they they give out to customers - my ISP’s router is iffy in the same department, things will be very slow, connections will drop, etc. If you connect from the outside, things zip along just fine. Hairpin routing is what we want, I believe, and cheaper routers often fail to provide it.

I manage to deal with it by hard-coding the domain name to the internal IP of the server, but that only works “easily” for machines that don’t change networks.