Found an old drive

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Brief description of the problemwhile cleaning my office. small m2 has to be at least 5 years old. when i plug in the USB i get a msg that the device is not recognized. I am thinking it needs power but i dont have the cord . Google has not a clue either. would you please send me a link to an archive. or tell me what kind of power / adapter do i need? I sure would like to know what i have on here.

or at a minimum what model number do I have that maybe I can get better google results

I can only upload 1 pic

Thank you in advance

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Had a much needed spring cleaning

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@Richard_James Welcome to the Rockstor community

The model number as per the picture is:


and from a quick google search it looks to have an IDE interface which is the direct pre-cursor to SATA.

60GB from bottom of sticker.

Are you receiving this message when plugging it into Rockstor via the attached USB adapter?

Note that the “… device is not recognized.” message could also be down to either the controller or the drive being dead.

It may say on the case the power requirements and given the drive is 5V 1A (beyond the 500mA max of it’s USB period) you will most likely need an external PSU. You might find that it could used a cable that had 2 USB plugs at the computer end and fed down to a single plug at the device end in order to spread the power load between 2 ports. Only one of which would actually ‘see’ the drive. The other was just an additional power source.

Can we have a pic looking into the end of the case so we can see the connectors.

You could always acquire another usb to ata adapter and plug the drive into that but I’d look to supplying power to that adaptor first as no power connector or ‘special twin usb cable’ as described above could explain it’s failure.

I’ve just tried a similar Hitachi 60GB ATA device in a USB adapter on Rockstor which also has a separate (5V in this case) power plug but only used the 2 USB computer end to one old style usb at device end type cable and all works as expected:

So if you have a cable like that it might be worth a try attaching it that way. All depends on the usb adapter built into that case. Just noting this as a potential option as you may have one lying around with a forgotten use.

And it’s consequent Rockstor disk listing:

Note the somewhat worrying serial number of 0, down to the vintage of the adaptor in this case.

Hope that helps.