How to turn screen off

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Hi, how turn screen off, because I dont want it to consume that much energy.

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Install new Rockstor

Web-UI screenshot

Not needed

Error Traceback provided on the Web-UI

Dont get any traceback

@DrEsperanto, welcome to the Rockstor community forums. Could you clarify what you mean by turning off the screen?
I assume, you are talking about the console screen attached to the Rockstor instance? In that case, you could check whether setterm would do the job for you, though I have read that it might not actually put your monitor to sleep.

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Hi, I have kind of the same problem. I’m running rockstor on a Surface Pro 4 and the computer display start to flicker and bug after 24h-48h of usage. There is apparently no solutions for this problem except turning off the display. Does anyone know a fix to this problem because indeed the setterm command won’t allow me to do it.

Welcome to Rockstor @Ben. So that’s the issue related to the “flickergate” on the surface, right?
When you try to use setterm what options do you run and what message do you get? Or does it execute fine, but never blanks the screen?

I found this blog (debian based) but that might provide some details that can help sort the blanking out maybe?