Managing Steam Libraries Through Shares

Video by unRAID showing how to manage steam libraries.
Is it possible to manage steam libraries in a similar manner as shown in this video?

Install steam libraries to a mapped NAS drive? yYa that’s not a problem. Loading times will take a hit depending on your network link though. BTRFS doesn’t have a cache though like they were talking about.

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When will SSD caching be available? It’s not really important to me now but it could be in two years.

IDK as of right now it is planned but no one has claimed it and there are no patches as of right now AFAIK.

There are a couple of things like bcache that work with single disk btrfs but are supposed to be fairly inefficient with multidisk setups at the moment. Well that is my understanding in any case.

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As for cache,

check this out:

when using Areca in JBOD or Passthrough. remeber battery backup, so write cache will work. Cheap upgrade for massive improvement.

My self, I have a 1261ML card JBOD mode, with 2GB cache, it rocks when it comes to speed. However, the Arcmsr driver is not included in rockstor, and I have trouble installing, so I cant get smart to work. Need the driver for this, and I cant see to install that one. It is added for EL7 repo, but the rockstor kernel is newer, compability error.


Well that’s good to know Thanks @bug11. My current card doesn’t have a cache I’m thinking I may have to upgrade now when I switch to 10Gbe just for that boost.

@DAIGURENMARKX Just not to confuse the SSD cache in the Ceph article is for the Ceph OSD which isn’t in Rockstor. The cache bug11 is talking about is on the controller card which seems to make a fairly large difference.

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I don’t have a RAID card, that is fine right? And yeah that ram cache for the card seems like an awesome item to get. Maybe in the future for me.

Ya that is fine my RAID card is only to add more disks than the mobo supports.

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Oh, Yeah I am going to need that when I run out of space. 5/6 ports are being used. Or plan to be. I should be done installation this weekend. Can’t wait! Just playing around with settings tomorrow to make sure I know what I am doing when I go through with it.

Here is an example of a nice HBA card where you get additional cache:

It supports hw raid, but set it in JBOD mode, and enjoy ! :smiley:

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Thanks guys. You’re awesome.