Mixing Samba and OwnCloud

I thought it would be better to use samba inside and OwnCloud outside and for random users. Mostly I want one way traffic.

Archival file storage which is not what cloud sync apps are good at and with the commercial ones you have to go to great lengths not to get all your data back on every box.

I also intend to further sync the contents of my OneCloud store to a commercial cloud store such as OneDrive (the cheapest and for which I have a working java connector). Maybe that would make a Rockon.

Experiments have shown that mixing Samba and OwnCloud in the same place is a bit of a mess - although in the process I have learned a heap about docker. By definition, samba mangles OwnCloud’s sync database continuously, thus requiring constant database update of the web display is to be meaningful.

If you do need to re-sync dont forget to issue:
docker exec -it owncloud occ ‘files:scan --all’

Any advice on general usage or one way “file backup” usage?