Need Help with a Kernel Panic

I have been having seemingly random kernel panics when I boot my rockstor box. I just tried to boot 10 times and 4 times there was a kernel panic that halted booting. The last kernel that booted without a panic is 4.2.5. I have tried 4.3.3, 4.4.3, and 4.4.5 all randomly panic with similar messages. Below are two pictures I took of the screen with the panic.

I am running Rockstar on an Asus i3 Chromebox with two 4tb WD My Book USB3 drives, but I was also getting the same panics on the Celeron version. I recently switched to the i3 Chromebox for Plex transcoding, and am using the Celeron version as a HTPC.

I can boot into a SolusOS 1.1 live usb that uses kernel version 4.4.3 with no issues. I have disconnected all usb devices and still get the panic.

Can anyone help me track down the cause of these panics? I don’t have any experience in this area, but would like to learn. What is my first step?

Is it possible that this is not Rockstor specific even though I can boot Solus OS 1.1 with no problems? If so, is there a better place to ask for help?