Need some Help Configuring OpenVPN

Here is a little background info…

So I’m a newb with Rockstor, and this is my first test trial install. My objective is to create a network attached storage solution that I can access create/edit/delete files remotely.

As I said before this is my first time installing and setting up Rockstor 3.9.1-0. I was able to successfully create a SAMBA file share, and it works fine locally.

So, now I want add remote access functionality to the SAMBA share I created, so I went over to the Rock-Ons tab in the Rockstor webadmin GUI and installed the Rock-On OpenVPN. I went through the “OpenVPN Server Rock-On - Rockstor documentation” which can be found in the link below

So I went through the doc, I went into my firewall forwarded port 1194, I generated a client certificate and need to retrieve the client configuration.

On my laptop (client) I downloaded the OpenVPN GUI, and here is where I’m getting tripped up. I’d imagine I have to import the .ovpn config file so OpenVPN GUI can establish a connection.

I wasn’t sure how to get the config file over onto my laptop(Windows 10 at the moment), so I did a little bit of researched and concluded that I would need to use the Rockstor webadmin GUI and start the System Shell, I logged in and ran the following

scp testnas@rockstortest:/tmp/test.ovpn C:/Users/mymachine/Desktop/new/test.ovpn

But I get the following result, _"The authenticity of host 'Rockstortest ( can’t be establish ECDSA key fingerprint is…Are you sure you want to continue connecting yes/no

I selected yes

"Failed to add the host to he list of known hosts (/home/testnas/.ssh/known_hosts)

then it asks for the the password for testnas@rockstorteswhich i would enter but it keeps saying its incorrect.

…and now I’m stuck and my eyes are tired lol

For anyone that made it this far, thank you for reading and I would appreciate anyone’s input and expertise .

Thank you.

Hi @NikoB, and welcome the Rockstor community!

I think the easiest way for you tor retrieve the openVPN profile (.ovpn file) will be for you to copy it to your existing Samba share, and download it from there.
You can find the samba share under /mnt2, with the sharename you originally configured.

To copy the file to your Samba share, you can use the following:

cp /root/client.ovpn /mnt2/samba_share

Let us know how you go.

Note also that if you didn’t want to go the route of having a VPN configured, you could always try the owncloud/nextcloud Rockons, which will give you a web based option for sharing files.


Thank you for your reply. I will try to find some time this week to work on this project and try your recommendation. thanks again!

you could always also try and use WinSCP, it helps me overcome some of the difficulties associated with connecting and copying via shell.

but I also tried copying from /tmp/ to /mount2/ and Win Explorer picked it up for me from there.