New install 4.1.0-0, join AD can see AD Groups but not AD users?

Fresh install prior to importing my disks from old v3 installation:

After successfully joining my 2012 Active Director (I know it’s old), including setting up NTP and SAMBA, I can see my AD Groups but not the AD Users ?

NB - my “custom global configuration” under the SAMBA settings is blank

I’ve done the install twice now. I did not tick any of the boxes for “enable enumeration”, “Disable automatic ID Mapping”, or “Treat user and group names as case sensitive”.

What to try next?


I do believe you need the Enumerate option enabled to see users. The fact that you can see your AD groups even without the Enumerate option enabled seems odd at first but I may have an idea as to why that is (I’ll test that idea when I can).

Would you be able to try with the Enumerate option? It could take a bit of time the first time of your AD has a lot of users, but the following times will be much faster as most of that info will be cached.

We can try to further troubleshoot if that doesn’t help.

Thanks for letting us know how it goes.


I forgot to mention the procedure I would follow to change your settings:

  1. Turn OFF the Active Directory service
  2. Change the config to enable Enumeration, and click Submit.
  3. Turn ON the Active Directory Service

Wait for a little bit if you do have a lot of AD users, and then visit the System > Users page.

If you’re curious, you can follow the SSSD log file that has your server name in /var/log/sssd/ after turning ON the Active Directory service.


Aha, that appears to have done it, thanks!