New motherboard - will my pool be imported correctly?

I have ordered a new motherboard in order to get ecc support and some other nice features. I use raid 10 with 4 disks and have all my shares on one big pool (exept for the root and home shares which is on the thumbdrive).

What will happen if i simply power down the server, change the mobo, attach the hdds and rockstor usb to the new motherboard and power up? Would it be able to import my pool correctly? Or is there any recomended/better/safer way of doing this without loosing my data?

Fireworks for changing over to ECC !!!

As long as you can boot from same device that you did - it should be OK.

Just a little side note: booting from USB stick is OK for trial / dev BUT in the long run, usb sticks tend to die over short time (I’m not aware of usb stick that survived longer than 9 months in service 24/7, and that was an expensive and good quality one - bootind from some form of hdd / sdd is adviced in long run [64gb ssd costs 20 pound so not exactly you’ve breaking the bank, just pleeeease avoid a Chinese crap])

Pool import in our docs refers to the process of reading Kernel/BTRFS level info and reconstructing constructs(such as Pool, Share, Snapshot) at the Rokstor layer. This is a handy feature if you 1) reinstall Rockstor on the same system or 2) Move your HDDs to another Rockstor system.

In your case, you may not need to re-install Rockstor, which means you don’t need to import, everything should be there like before shutdown. If you do end up re-installing the OS, then you can use the import feature to have Rockstor reconstruct Pools, Shares and Snapshots for you and make your data accessible like before.

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Thank you for the answers. Tomasz_Kusmierz i understand that a hd would be better for rockstor. But since most of the configuration files (rockons root), docker containers etc is not actually on the usb i figured it wouldnt be catastrophic if it messed up at some point since all the data, and most of the time-consuming config files still would be safe. But sure.

suman that is good news! i have reinstalled rockstor a couple of times and the import tool has never failed me. but since a new motherboard would result in physical change for the hdds i thought i would ask first instead of finding out the answer the hard way… :slight_smile:

Kind of a followup to this …

My MB went bad, and I had it replaced under warranty. So exact same motherboard.

I should be able to boot rockstor without issues; right?

@bdarcus Hello again.

Yes, the issue regarding a different motherboard (even if exactly the same model) would only arise on a re-install. An existing subscribed install maintains it’s Appliance ID and hence it’s related stable subscription credentials and so can be moved / booted up on what ever hardware you fancy.

Hope that helps.