Not able to update from 3.9.0-5 [solved]


I am trying to update from version 3.9.0-5 to the most recent but when I start the update from the dashboard there is a window telling the system will be updated but after it closes I am still on 3.9.0-5. Any ideas on where to look for what goes wrong?

@rokra Welcome to the Rockstor community and apologies for the slow response.

You could try logging in via a ssh terminal as root and seeing what appears after executing the following command:

yum update rockstor

pasting the output you receive should help to diagnose what’s going on.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, I should have updates this topic, I solved the problem by updating rockstor with ssh as you mentioned. Then I saw with yum that’s there was a problem with a unfinished update which was blocking the Rockstor update. After completing the blocking update rockstor could also be updates.

@rokra Glad you got it sorted and thanks for the update.