NTFS, is anything planned?

I’m currently researching DIY NAS solutions and I really like the BTRFS approach. However, even though you have Active Directory services I am unable to set the NFTS file permissions like other NAS units can do.

I followed the instructions several times and when map a network drive and right click on the share in windows, the only “location” that comes up is the rockstor location. Nothing from Windows AD. I should be able to pick permissions from the AD on the domain.

Am I doing it wrong?

@lakshmipathi_g may have something to say about NTFS file permission support.

I have to admit, I am not familiar with the expected behavior here. Could you explain more? If it’s easiler, we could also schedule a google hangout/skype session. send an e-mail to suman@rockstor.com, if interested.

Hi Suman,

Let me do some experimentation and I’ll get back to you. I understand it from the windows side, however I want to run some tests on the Linux side and see what I can come up with.

I should have something by this weekend. I hope. :smile:


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@suman No, I’m familiar with NTFS’s ADS-Alternate Data stream but not Active Directory service.

@JBelthoff Could you share the document/link which you are following?

@suman I think I have some info. Please bear in mind my linux is not as good as it should be.

I was able to create a Samba share from a CentOS 7 VM that does what I need. In my machine the Samba testparm says this:

In Rockstor, the testparm says this:

So I guess my question now becomes, when joining a Windows Active Directory Domain, why does Rockstor remain a STANDALONE Server rather then becoming a Domain Member?

Also, none of the Windows Principles gets mapped over to Rockstor.

After joining a domain, should I be able to administer Rockstor using Windows Accounts?

I hope I am explaining this correctly!



Hi @JBelthoff, that’s great!

The answer to your first question is because, we simply got it wrong. We don’t have AD here, so our expertise is a bit one sided with respect to this feature. I just looked up samba documentation and it looks like we need to set the server role as part of AD integration.

I think the answer to your second question is Yes. But let me answer it slightly differently. Rockstor should function as expected with AD integration and at least be on par, if not better than AD integration with other NAS products.

So, I’ve created an issue to improve code based on your feedback. Let’s identify what more we need to set besided server role to get Rockstor to play nice with AD.

btw, you saved me a lot of time by doing this research. Thanks a bunch!


I’m glad your on this and I’m glad to help.

Let me know what else I can do?