Please don't install Plex Rock-on

This is something I am yet to test myself, but I got emails from a few users who installed Rockstor and then installed Plex Rock-on. Perhaps something changed in the plex docker image that is inadvertently changing ownership and permissions of / (horrible, I know). Because of this Web-UI, ssh and perhaps other services just stop working.

As we work on next phase of Rock-on improvements, this is an important lesson. While it’s resource intensive to maintain our own docker images, relying on arbitrary docker images from hub.docker expose us to issues like this. Anyway, I’ll troubleshoot this and come up with a fix. But in the meantime, you might want to stay away from installing Plex.

Are these docker images self-contained, or can they change permissions outside of their container too?

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Any news on this? `````

I’ve been curious about this as well. Is Plex repaired yet?

Ok, I’ve just installed Plex on 3.8-10.07 and it does not have the problem indicated in the original post. It’s working fine.

In the long run however, we need to maintain the docker images that are at the foundation of any given Rock-on. Currently we just trust third party images based on their reputation on docker hub, but without active maintenance, we cannot prevent potential intrusive consequences when these third party images are updated by their developers on docker hub.

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