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Hi there! Installed Rockstor for the first time. I have an SSD running Rockstor and 2 2TB HDDs in a Raid 1 configuration for a pool. I followed the directions and setup a rockons-root and enabled the Rockon service. I then created the plex-config and plex-data shares and then tried installing the Mediaplex server rockon. In the rockon installation screen I am unable to click Submit after verifying all the shares and the web ui port number is correct. I also do not see a validation error on the form that is displayed. What am I missing? I am unable to install this Rockon.

Thanks in advance.

C. S.

@MrChucklez welcome to Rockstor community! Can you try using Chrome browser? This seems to be an issue while using Firefox.

Just wanted to report that Chrome seems to work. Rockstor Web GUI has the same issue in IE as well. Thanks!

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who is the maintainer of the rock-ons like mentioned in this thread

this would make it easier to ask for an updated rock-on :wink:




Is it possible to modify the ssl settings for this or any other rock-on? I have an ssl cert for my domain and have succesfully updated the rockstor to use my cert. When navigating to the plex ssl port I get a self signed cert warning.


Hi, I am having some issues with Plex not being able to grab any metadata for movies or TV-shows, anyone know what can cause this? My naming scheme and agents should be correctly set up.

hi, would I be able to male use of my plex pass membership with this rock-on?

Apparently, the Plex- Rock-On that is shipped with Rockstor is not identical to this one:

In the one from the rockon-registry, a share for the config can be specified.
In the one that is shipped with rockstor, this option does not exist.

How come?


So hardware transcoding is out of “alpha” and is now available for Plex Pass members.

I’ve been futzing around with docker trying to get it working without much luck.
Apparently the two main things required are

  • the container having /dev/dri passed through to it
  • the user PMS runs as needs to be in the video group

I think I’ve got both of these things (with hackery) but still haven’t had any luck with it actually working… and I expect what I’m doing will horribly break with RockOn updates since I’m directly manipulating the docker container.
Do RockOns have this capability? Can we build this into the current json in the registry?

You can checkout the GitHub for the rockons and create your own and then submitting it. Could you just add a share and then point the transcode directory to that though?

This isn’t a case of volume bind mapping - you need to pass a device

Anywho - I’ve basically stopped using RockOns entirely (whoa that post was a whole year ago) and am just doing it via straight docker (and portainer)

For anyone else that happens to come across this the following tricks do the do

  • passing /dev/dri
  • chowning the plex user to /dev/dri/* on the host (cron I’m using - @reboot chown plex /dev/dri/*)

The docker compose doesn’t inherent group permissions, and running a command after compose (to add the plex user to video) is against how containerisation is really meant to work anyway. Why isn’t it just in the compose? Because the video group doesn’t map to the video group in the container (CentOS vs. Ubuntu)

@wraeuk Hello again.

You will be happy to know that @Flox has recently added this feature in stable updates 3.9.2-39, but I see he is replying here now so I’ll step aside.

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Thanks for pointing that one out @magicalyak, because as of Rockstor 3.9.2-39, Rock-ons now support passing devices to the Docker containers. It was originally designed for the Emby Rock-on, so I should have thought of the Plex one(s) as well.
@wraeuk, you can have a look at the Rock-on documentation at the link below, but it simply consists in adding a “devices” section in the JSON file. Here’s the pending PR describing its behavior:

Regarding the issue with the video group, I don’t know how the Plex container does it, but Emby adds the possibility to specific one (GID) or several (GIDLIST) user groups for this specific purpose.

Hope this helps,

So this might be off topic… But I have a question… I am building the following hardware for my NAS:
ASUS E500 G5 barebone
64gb RAM
Xeon E2176-G
500gb NVMe Samsung SSD for boot
5 x Crucial MX500 SSD in RAID 5 for storage
NVIDIA Quadro P2000 video card for transcoding

So that should be a fairly robust little NAS… However, I plan on using it also as the plex server along with a 4 tuner HD homerun to be my DVR…

So… How should I do this? Build an ubuntu box and run rockstor as VM? Run rockstor and the plex rockon? I just want:
Best Plex Functionality with hardware acceleration
Best NAS functionality with storage efficiencies
Ease of operation

I am coming from a Lenovo Thinkserver TS140 with a spinning RAID 5 that ran Windows Server 2012 R2 that got me everything I wanted… However, I really want to move to open source… I am a pretty hard core nerd as a profession so any advice is welcome…

@Bc5k, I would recommend opening a separate topic on this to get more feedback.
But, in any case, I am running pure RockStor (albeit with an i3, 32GB RAM and no separate graphics card) and the latest Plex RockOn:
transcoding enabled and DVR’ing using probably the same 4tuner HD Homerun as you have.
Works very well for me, and I only have spinning disks for the storage (as opposed to your SSDs), This should work well for you, too, since most of the interaction is via the Plex interface anyway. Only additional RockOn I’ve created is the WatchTower container, so that I don’t have to stop/start the Plex RockOn manually whenever there is a new version showing up.,


Hi @flooiks ,

Let’s see if we can help… Would you be able to provide us with more details about the issue you are facing and what you are trying to accomplish? This thread covers several aspects of this rock-on so I’m unsure what you are referring to.
If you are seeing any error, make sure to paste them here, or share a screenshot. Please indicate the Rockstor version you are using as well.

Hope this helps,


Hi I have the PLEX rock-on running on my RockStor Media Server. How do I update the PLEX rock-on in RockStor?

if you want the newest version of the RockOn, you should just be able to uninstall the current plex rock-on. And after doing a refresh (update button on the top right) see the updated version of the RockOn. Then you can reinstall it, and point to the same configuration and media shares as before. All that data should then be available for you again.

If you just want to update the Plex version within the RockOn you are already running, then stopping and starting the RockOn should do the trick (unless you specified a different version than “latest” during your initial install).

Hope, that helps


Thanks Dan! I stopped the Plex RockOn and restarted it and it updated!

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