Reinstall Rockstor with updated version

I am currently planning on migrating my Rockstor drive to a bigger one as I’m running low on space on my current one. Actually, my current OS free drive space is so limited that yum cannot update to the newest 3.8-14 stable release. I do wonder, however, what is the best way to proceed in order to save my current config settings (I am referring to this backup).
Indeed, if I simply use the latest 3.8-14 ISO, would the import of a config backed-up under 3.8-13 work without problem or conflict?
Alternatively, is there somewhere I can download the previous 3.8-13 ISO for the reinstall? (I would then update Rockstor to 3.8-14 after finishing setting everything up back to what it was)

Thanks for your insights!

@Flox Hello again. As far as I understand it you should be ok restoring a 3.8-13 saved config to a 3.8-14 install. The configuration information saved is done so in a simple human readable (sort of) zipped json form as well. Do note that you will have to re-import the data drives and it would be as well to check your current ownership / rights prior to the migration. The limitations of the save restore are indicated in that document so hopefully you should be ok given those.

Also note the Data Import section of the Reinstalling Rockstor section as well.

Let us know how it goes and take note of any suggestions as you go for improving the linked documents in this thread.

Obviously you will have to download the config backup to a client machine to be able to upload it to the new install.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot for the confirmation and for the extra recommendations.
I’ll probably try over next week-end so I hopefully will be back next week with good news.