Replication: offline initial bulk transfer


We have a large quantity of data (~6TB) to sync between two Rockstors that are connected via a slow link. Before I delve further, how feasible is it to:

  1. Do initial Rockstor replication another NAS on the LAN,
  2. Remove that disk, ship to destination (which is distant, so shipping entire NAS would be MUCH more expensive)
  3. Install disk in destination NAS
  4. Continue replicating much smaller deltas using Rockstor

Am I wasting my time attempting this? If not, I’d appreciate any suggestions\detail you can add (esp between steps 3 and 4). Many thanks.

You should be able to remove all disks of a Pool from one system, put them back on a different system and import the Pool. However, the replication mechanism is not smart enough to automatically pickup this change. We can manually coerce it to do so.

Hi Suman,
Any chance you could explain how to coerce Rockstor to resume replication after a disk transfer? I’ve just purchased a five year subscription.
Many thanks

Now that 3.8-12 is out, I want to focus on replication related improvements. Let me test some stuff locally first and get back to you.

Thanks for becoming a subscriber and supporting Rockstor, really appreciate it!