Report of samba permissions

Hi, I want a report of the permissions for as shown on the Access Control tab for each Share.

Is this possible?

I have over 70 shares and it’s very annoying to have to go to the page for each one if I want to check something.


@MRC-MBU Hello again.
We have no mechanism for this, however you would be best advised to resource the real source of truth here and grab this info directly from the fs. In which case you are looking at a regular shell or python scripting approach where you list and then strip out what the fs actually states as the ownership and access writes etc.

I’m pretty sure we have some bugs in this area regarding our holding onto db entries as ‘true’ rather than refreshing always from the filesystem. But we do end up re-asserting on a save, but still.

So scripting in the language of your choice is a favoured option in this case I believe. And dumping the scraped results to a file. You could even create a formatted file if you got fancy, or even just a csv format could then be imported into something for perusals.

Hope that helps.