[RESOLVED] Sonarr rockon stopped working, would not restart

Hi All,

Just a quick rundown on an issue that I’ve experienced and resolved - for anybody else who might experience the same.

Sonarr rockon experienced issues with name resolution, meaning that all indexers were unavailable.
I attempted to stop and start the rockon to see if that would kickstart the app into running again, however the rockon would not start.

No errors were displayed, only an ‘Unknown error’ in current status.

I have since uninstalled the rockon, then reinstalled with the config, downloads and media directories untouched.
My assumption was that the installation of the rockon would probably not alter the config directories, thus as long as the config dir is not the problem, the issue should simply be resolved.

I’m happy to report Sonarr is now back up and running with no reported issues.

Starting to really warm up to this whole docker thing - something I’d avoided like the plague as a Sysadmin, sticking to full virtualization rather than containerization.



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