Rockstor/Proxmox kills virtIO networking

Proxmox 3.4, not sure if it’s a proxmox issue or a Rockstor issue but if you’re pulling a lot of data from the Rockstor VM you can actually cause it to drop off the network.

Changing the NIC to something else seems to bring it back but VirtIO seems to be the only thing that can pull a full Gigabit, I’ve just added the PVE No subscription repo to my proxmox install so I can update and see if that stops it happening.

i can test that somewhere in the next days as a few servers here use proxmox and i planned to use it when leaving college and building an all-in-one server

will report back here

for me with proxmox 4 there are no problems, so it might be related to the old 2.6 kernel

if its a newly configured server it might be worth to try that

I installed 3.4x because 4.x was beta and I’ve just most of the VM’s up and working so I don’t really want to install V4 yet.

I have however just rebooted to load a newer kernel (Picked up from the PVE-NO-Subscription) repo

4.0 will be released soon-ish and an upgrade path is planned so you might test it when its released and the upgraded kernel shows no good results