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Good morning Community and contributors (@suman, @phillxnet, @ganti_priya, @ScarabMonkey) !!,
this post is just to share with all of you some news around the web about Rockstor:

From we have our latest 3.8.13 improvements listed like every month (SMART, Nic Teaming and Scheduled tasks extension) - News by Marius Nestor (Netherlands, +500K members) talks about Rockstor new release too Tweakers Article has updated its page for Rockstor Rockstor Distrowatch page

Many internet sites/magazines had referenced sofpedia news, so I think we can be really happy!

Have a good day


P.S. to @suman : what do you think about tracking news on this thread for each Rockstor release? :slight_smile:


Goof morning Community, here are some news for Rockstor 3.8-14 on the web:

Distrowatch news available here

Softpedia News by Marius Nestor

The Devil on Holiday blog nice article about @phillxnet cool spin down disks capabilites!



@Flyer Thanks for posting these, it’s good to see.
Just a quick note, it looks like the Softpedia download link redirects to Sourceforge’s 3.8-13.iso not their current 3.8-14.iso: shame.

Hi @phillxnet, ISO links seems to be ok (points to , so you get latest 3.8-14).

Not able to check for torrent


Hi all guys,
while googling found our Rockstor got an article on LinuxUser (Germany) November issue…well, let me amend, our Rocky got a first page :smiley:


@Flyer I’ve just found a nice little NAS write up which also includes Rockstor (German again) by one of our own forum members @Yoshi, if I’m not mistaken (which I could be as not much to go on). Rather a late find though as was published in February of this year.

Apologies to @Yoshi if I am wrongly attributing here and I will edit accordingly if so.

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You are right, that’s a little “write-up” from myself. :blush:

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Hi all once again,
I was curious so had my 6 euros digital copy of LinuxUser talking about Rockstor (nice, I don’t understand german and now I’ve got an 8 pages article about Rockstor eheh).

Obviously I can’t share that pdf, but can provide some infos about article:

  • They had a copy of Rockstor 3.8.14 iso on CD/DVD sold with magazine
  • Tests were performed over a HP Proliant Micron Gen8
  • They stated Rockstor offers ZFS like feautures, but with Btrfs & GPL :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Rockstor taking care both on software and hardware sides appreciated (SMART - @phillxnet :wink:)

Final conclusions:
“Rockstor proves to be a mature, and at the same time - through the use of docker containers and Btrfs - a flexible NAS system for the server in-house. The simple operating concept and the straight-lined surface go along with a good stability. Rockstor is recommended for everyday use. For users who want to reuse unused hardware as a central storage or to convert a microserver into a NAS, the free operating system therefore represents an interesting solution”


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@Flyer Thanks for the report. Got to just add though that @suman is the original SMART master, I’ve just dabbled in a bug fix or two on that one. Although I did add the small feature of custom options :slight_smile:.

So it looks like Rockstor went down well enough. Nice. Also nice to see the licence mentioned. Seems like that is often overlooked in the tech press.

Here a blog post by our forum user @k0nsl, having Rockstor 3.8-14.22 on October 2016:

@Flyer Hey, nice to see a screen shot of your new dashboard work, the new disk activity widget is the business. And I’m pretty sure I now have a way in the pending disk role changes to handle the luks-uuid source serial issue displayed there.

Bit by bit.


Found this today, Rockstor was on Admin Magazine 31/2016 too :slight_smile:


We’re on Distrowatch news with 3.9.0



We’re on Tux Machines and Softpedia too

Have a nice day

Some news over Italian IT too:

Thanks to Salvo