Samba share permissions not working

I finally installed the NAS today, still running 3.8.15. I set everything up and have had a heck of a time with Samba. First, I could not set the workgroup name. I kept getting an error, so I used SSH to manually set the workgroup in the smb.conf file. Testparm said it was good. I then used the UI to create a share on the RAID10 pool named “Shared”. I set “reachfp” and another user I created, “staff”, as admin users. I set the owner and group to “staff” and the permissions are 775. Every Windows PC on the network has the staff account with the same password. Every user logs onto each PC with the “staff” account. This is a workgroup, not AD.

Now, no matter what I do, I cannot access the share. It keeps prompting for credentials, which it should not do, and no matter what I enter, it fails with access denied. Samba service is running. Rebooted NAS, no change. I cannot even logon to the share with the “reachfp” account. No clue what’s broken but I am not sure what’s under the hood here. So the owner and group are both “staff” (UID 1001), the permissions are 775, and the admin users are “reachfp” and “staff”. What’s wrong?

For those with this issue, disable SELinux. As soon as I did this as a testing step, everything just worked. This means that the GUI did in fact setup Rockstor/Samba correctly, but SELinux was messing with it in a way which caused all passwords to fail. I disabled it permanently and even after reboots it continues to work. I am not as familiar with SELinux as I should be, so I guess I have to run it this way. Hope this helps somebody else.

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@Sephiroth Hello again and nice fine.

Well done tracking this one down. I did see your original post but nothing sprang to mind so it’s good to see this one resolved. Is this a UEFI install by chance? We have had reports of SELinux being enabled when currently we don’t support it: but would however like to (future plans).

Thanks for sharing your findings.