Samba very unresponsive after a IP address change

I’ve had to restructure my network and I changed the management interface of Rockstor.
This is also the interface SAMBA comes out of, SAMBA has worked brilliant since day one!
Very easy to configure and it just worked!
I now can;t get into my samba folder shares, after 5 mins ish a log in screen pops up I type the username and password, and it then goes off again and locks up! and shows me nothing.
Any one got any ideas how to fix this??? Or where I even start trying to fault find whats going on???



I’m no samba expert.

But the expert would want to know what the cliënt OS is. (Windows, OSX, Linux)
Are server and cliënt on same domain?

Do you use hard codes IP or by name cast.

Good luck