Share names changed after update

I recently updated to 3.9.2-47 and have noticed my share names have changed. Previously, my shares showed up as “<sharename> on Rockstor” Now my shares are showing us as “<sharename>” This has caused a few issues with paths. I was able to correct the path for Adobe Lightroom to find my files again, but I am running cloud backups with Crashplan and it can no longer find the local copy of all of the files that are backed up. Is there a way to get the shares to show up as they did previously? I’m trying to avoid resending my backed up files to the cloud with the new path.

@wgs Helo again.

I’m assuming here you are referencing how AFP shares show up in OSX and if so this was a change submitted and accepted as many users were not happy with the spaces in the name that resulted from the " on Rockstor" addition. This change was made a while ago by a contributor in the following pull request:

The code that does this hasn’t received any attention since the above change, with Apple move to SMB is makes sense that we don’t spend too much time on their now, or to-be deprecated, protocol.

There was intention to have a user configurable description to each share and although this was implemented in the code it was not surfaced in the Web-UI. It was this element of the code that auto added the " on Rockstor" which you are requesting back. However this code was also changed, as per the above pull request comments so it may not be that easy to revert going forward. Especially after more changes are made to that code.

You should be able to edit the above code so that the older “cur_description” line is used instead, i.e. so that those 2 lines would then read:

    #cur_description = '%s' %
    cur_description = '%s %s' % (, description)

Make sure to preserve all spaces as Python uses them to do it’s thing. There are not tabs. The Nano terminal editor is already installed so that might be a convenient option.
So as the root user:

nano /opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/storageadmin/views/

All usage instructions are on-screen within the terminal.

Then you will need to execute via a ssh into Rockstor as root:

systemctl stop rockstor
systemctl start rockstor

for the code change to take effect; alternatively you could just reboot.

There after all newly created AFP exports will have the ‘old style’ “share-name on Rockstor” format within Finder.

But for the name on existing AFP File Sharing exports to be changed your will need to Re-create them, ie Storage - File Sharing (section) - AFP:

  • delete an AFP export
  • re-create an AFP export

It is not sufficient to just edit (toggle time machine setting on and off say). You will need to remove the File Sharing export itself and re-create it.

Hope that helps.
Just tested instructions here and looks to be good. Just remember that you are only changing the AFP File Sharing config here. You are not touching the share’s themselves.

And thanks for helping to support Rockstor’s development via a stable channel subscription.

Be advised that if you are not comfortable with making these changes, which will require re-doing after each update, although existing AFP export Filer names will be preserved, then they are best not attempted and an alternative work around / fix found. It is not guaranteed that the AFP subsystem within Rockstor will receive any more attention, given the above move on Apples part to SMB. Although if it did an obvious first move would be to enable the Web-UI description component and fix the underlying code to honour it as you could then simply revert to prior behaviour by adding a description of " on Rockstor" to your chosen share.

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