Small bug adding storage to a Rock-On

Hi all,

I’ve found that when adding storage to a Rock-On (Plex one FWIW), the first time the ‘Add Storage’ dialog only shows a ‘Next’ button for you to click, but second, third, … times you are offered two buttons to continue, the ‘Next’ one and an ‘Add Storage’ one, that looks like inherited from the previous screen or something. Well, if you click on ‘Add Storage’ that dialog will go blank and you cannot further continue adding storage and have to close, losing all the configuration made to that point.

No critical bug, just annoying as the Rock-on down’t lose its config.

Regards, Angel

@AngeleToR Nice find and thanks for reporting. I see you have also opened an issue on GitHub which is perfect. I was about to do the same on the strength of you report here so you have saved me the effort.
I would just like to link to your opened issue however as that way we can avoid accidental duplication by others missing you existing report on GitHub and opening a fresh one.
Thanks again for your diligence; I have in turn linked the GitHub issue back to this forum thread so that the two can easily reference each other.

Hi Philip,

Thanks for cross-linking both, I knew I was forgetting to do something… I’ll keep reporting whatever I find to help you guys make the best NAS ever… I’m even creating my first Docker and its associated Rock-On, hope to be able to push it to the repo soon.

Keep up the good work!!!