SMB Share Access Control

Fairly new to Rokstor, but not Linux. I’ve been running Linux of various flavors for 20 years. At any rate, I digress. I’ve set up Rockstor. It boots and runs fine. What I don’t understand is user management for Samba Shares. It seems to give only one option and that is to add each user to a folder as an admin user and then they can write data into the folder. Is that correct? is that the only way to control access to a samba share? I won’t even get into the fact that I can connect with a Windows 10 client to that share, but cannot with a Linux client. I spent days on that and gave up in the end.

The only real user access control that I can see is user/group ownership at the subvolume level.

Am I correct in thinking user/share management still needs a lot of work? I’m dropping this unit into a Windows environment which should work, I hate to set up users as admin users on all folders. I may want some folders viewable, but not writeable. Nothing seems to be clear, documentation on the subject is lacking significantly.

Is there a document somewhere on how the security model is supposed to work?

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You’ll need to manually set up samba. The ability to do this through the GUI is limited.

As far as writing goes, it should follow the user’s group permissions by default, they don’t need to be admins. I support a half dozen users with this configuration.