SMB shares created w/local permissions OSX


I am trying to fix this, and I am hoping I can find a solution server-side.

I am supporting several OSX users w/Rockstor on SMB shares.

When the users create directories, the files are being created with local modes - rwx on user, rx on group. The shares server-side are set up wide open - 777.

I can work around this by manually changing, but I’d much prefer that all files on the SMB shares be 777 at least for the time being.

There appear to be several SMB share options I can use to correct this, but I’m looking for the most Rockstor-friendly way, as I’m sure I can’t be the first with this issue.



I think the most Rockstor way to handle this would simply be to add the required share flags into the ‘custom configuration’ section of Samba in the UI.
Most of the configuration of Samba is designed to be ‘quick and easy’, meaning if you want to do anything different, it becomes very DIY.

I think the this should do what you’re looking for:

create mask = 664
force create mode = 664
security mask = 664
force security mode = 664
directory mask = 0775
force directory mode = 0775
directory security mask = 0775
force directory security mode = 0775

Personally though, I’ve gone the console route and set fielsystem ACLs to force the permissions, and setgid bits to force the file ownership group.