Some questions regarding Rockstor

Hello all,

I’m new to Rockstor but what I read in the past weeks sounds very interesting. But before testing it I have some questions:

  1. Is it possible to replicate data between two Rockstor instances in both directions? This is interesting for accessing data on the second instance which should be available on the first instance, too.

  2. Is it possible to access the replicated data on the second instance as it is on the first one? This is interesting, when the first instance is offline.

  3. Can a load balancer be used for accessing data on two Rockstor instances?

Thank you.


Hi @TheExpert, welcome to Rockstor community!

Rockstor replication via btrfs send/recv serves the DR usecase and in case the sender goes down, you have access to a recent backup(and a trail of snapshots) on the receiver. It’s not bi-directional. And it’s not real-time so it doesn’t serve a HA usecase which I believe what you are interested in.

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