email timeout

I paid for an activation code for 3 years, have not yet received the activation code.

So I emailed,, both emails come back as connection timed out.

What gives? Not instilling a level of confidence here…

@hammerite Hello again. And thanks again for helping to support Rockstor development.

Agreed, email issue under investigation: most likely related to the failed activation code delivery issue.

I’ll report back in this thread with progress if it hasn’t already been acknowledged. Let us know here also of any progress on your end (email with activation code received).

Sorry for the inconvenience: suspected email provider issue.

Ok thanks, I just need the activation code, I want to build a 3rd & possibly a 4th one soon.

Hah! My own email server was misconfigured where it kept trying to email the root doman, I dont normally use that system for outbound email so not all that surprised… :slight_smile:

I emailed directly, so we’ll see what happens.

Well I still have not heard anything back…