Traumatic install!


I wanted to try Rockstor out. I am not a total noob but have to say the installer is traumatic.

Consistently on first run of the installer (Tried on three pcs), the installer jumps straight to installing with the only option being a root password manager. Did you guys know this? I have to manually close down the pc then restart and the installer now boots correctly with all the options for install.

The installer GUI is awful, the mouse only works in certain areas so you find yourself trying to click ok or what ever and it simply wont work, you have to use the tab to tab into various options and space to select etc, where as in other areas of the gui the mouse works fine.

But the biggest issue I am struggling with is selecting and creating the install disk. I finally got there and i chose automatic partitioning which seemed to create perhaps 5 partitions so far as I could see. As this was automatically done by the installer I thought I was golden and felt an overwhelming sense of pride when the system apparently booted.

But apparently not. I am told that Houston has a problem, I get the reference but after hours of faffing its not funny, and that apparently my root system is not formatted as BTRFS and I should have done that.

Should I? The installer said it would do it automatically, is it automatic or not?

Sorry for the frustration and I fully understand this is not meant for home gamers, but it seems to be the usual play with various so called easy installers within the linux pack, they are anything but.

I am going to try one more time to install this, is there some magic I was supposed to have performed rather than click for the installer to automatically do it?.

That’s the way it behaves. The installed I believe will scan you first drive and if there is no partitions or if the drive is Blank It will proceed to install Rockstor right the way. While the installation happen you could only set the root password. (By the way I’m new to RS or linux at all) been user for 3 weeks.

I like it to be automated tho. You need a NAS then install Rockstor. I’ve tried, FreeNAS, a custom personal NAS for FreeBSD andy many others. Non as good to my preference as Rockstore. It’s a full CentOS 7. That you can keep customizing to you specific needs.

I works solid. Needs some work but is very stable.
I have 2 server running now.
One server as accelerator SSD drives like Fussion ioScale and Oracle F80.
The other server with my mini-video studio production archive. 16x SAS 8Tb RAID10 capacity 64Tb.

Best Regards.

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