Unknown internal error doing a POST to /api/update-subscriptions/activate-stable for my apppliance

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can’t upload the activation code for the updates

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received activation code and introduce it in the filed for that efect

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@paucorre Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Apologies for the ‘non smooth’ experience here lets see if we can narrow this one down.

We have had issues with local firewalls causing issues as the updates are accessed via port 8999, not normally a problem but just in case. Check that you can successfully browse to the updates web page from a machine on the same network as your Rockstor machine, ie:


It should show a page with “It works!” on it.

If not then check your network firewall settings for this port and of course make sure the Rockstor machine has internet access to authenticate and pickup these updates.

Also note that you can re-try the activation step (without the shop visit this time) and just re-enter your same activation code. The Appliance ID will remain unchanged, although on a very few motherboards it can change from one install to another. Don’t post your Appliance ID or activation code publicly on the forum but if it comes to having to check these you can start a private message with me for this.

Also worth checking if your Appliance ID is one of the following:


Which are know to be non unique; but I don’t think you are affected by this particular hick up.

Hope that helps and if not we can take it from there. Thanks for helping to support Rockstor development and again apologies for the sub optimal experience.

If anyone else has experienced this issue then please feel free to chip in with your findings.

I can’t reach the site, and there isn’t anything that I can do about it, I can’t convince Cisco Systems IT department to change the firewalls rules for activating my NAS in the Lab.

The appliance has internet access, I already install addons and did some minor updates to packages using yum for SAMBA deployments, following some instructions in your foruns .

My appliance ID is different from the ones that you mention above.

What are my options ?

Thank you,

@paucorre Hello again.

I suspect the easiest is to gain port 8999 access to the indicated site from your Rockstor instance. This could be via an alternative, temporary, internet connection during Rockstor package updates. Anyone else have a work around for this scenario? All depends on the mobility of your system I guess.

Sorry to be of little more help here: it’s just that our update servers use the port they are on and every Rockstor instance looks to that site on that port.