Updating Plex in Rock-ons

So I am just starting to look at Rockstor as a possibility. I rum plex currently on a VM and use a different NAS setup for its media. I am a plex pass member and am curious as to how I can keep Plex up to date without depending on a Rock-ons update.


@ropeguru Welcome to Rockstor community!

If Plex media server provides an auto update feature from within the app, it would be ideal. Some other Rock-ons work that way. we’ll ask Plex team if that’s possible and update back here.

Under a linux environment, it is typically a manual update for the server. I will read up on Rock-ons and how they are setup to try and see if there is a way to manually update. Are you using docker or jails?

@ropeguru Thanks for your interest, please hack as much as you can, happy to incorporate your recommendations and findings into future improvements.

In case of docker based Rock-ons these are the steps for each Plex release update.

  1. plex media server is officially updated and released
  2. docker image maintainer updates docker image if necessary.
  3. Rockstor pulls the update as part of it’s work flow and users get the update.

It would be great if plex implements an online update feature where you can just update itself from the UI similar to how Rockstor updates work. This would eliminate step 2 and hence step 3. I’ve asked Plex if they can provide an official docker image so we don’t need to rely on third party images.

The current process, as you can imagine is OK, but takes a bit of regular maintenance from parties other than Plex.

As there is also a “PlexPass” version of Plex for paid members, it might be a good idea to have some sort of process within the docker image to upgrade the version.

On FreeNAS, someone wrote a script to do just that (see GitHub https://github.com/mstinaff/PMS_Updater)

Since we have to wait for the the Plex docker maintains to push out updates, should we turn off the “automatically check for updates” option under settings>>server>>general?

Looking at my server, my Plex Rock-On is still on, which was made available for download back in October of 2015.

Whoever the maintainer is for the docker image you’re using hasn’t been updating it frequently.

Could you guys maintain an official repository for Rock-On docker images on Dockerhub? Or at least rebase the Plex Rock-on onto a more reliable maintainer, such as linuxserver/plex?

Looking at the changelog, it looks like the Plex team fixed the autoupdate option for the server as of the latest version available to the general public (, which would remove steps 2 and 3 from @suman 's update process. If you guys DO make an official repo, it’s possible that you could just make an image once with, and, once installed, let it auto-update to whatever new version has been released in the meantime. I haven’t tested this on my own, but it’s something to look into.


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A file manager plugin would be fantastic. To move the files server based and not via shares.

I’ve switched off of Rockstor in favor of unRaid due to the recent 2+ month update cycles delaying additional btrfs functionality integrated into the newer kernel versions.

While playing with unRaid, I came across a docker container that runs Dolphin, the KDE file manager.
I currently use it to manage my media files for Plex. https://github.com/aptalca/docker-dolphin

Again, I haven’t used Rockstor in a number of months but I seem to recall that you can pass docker arguments directly through the web panel. The description in the github page gives you a sample docker command to get it running, so just tweak that a bit to run on RockStor.