USB/Network UPS support

So I have a CyberPower LX1500GU UPS and it only has a USB port for connecting to a computer. Well I noticed Rockstor does not support a USB UPS and remembered that CyberPower has a VM that can run on ESXi that can shut it down if the time comes. So I have that setup, but wanted to know if adding USB support for UPSs was something that was planned or being able to connect to the CyberPower VM over the network was another option. I dont have the funds to add another UPS right now and would like the single unit to control both machines if at all possible. If its not possible then I understand and I’ll look at getting another unit. The CyberPower software is called PowerPanel and it can run on Windows/Linux/ESXi.

@tobb555 If your UPS model is supported by NUT (Network UPS Tools) then it should work just find on Rockstor. Where did you see that USB wasn’t supported?
If you follow the links and guides in the mouse over tool tips in the UPS / NUT config page then hopefully you should be good to go.
Also did you see the UPS / NUT Setup guide in the docs. You can see there an example of a riello_usb driver configured in standalone mode in the first picture.

See the NUT Hardware compatibility list for which driver to select. Note that this page is also linked to in the config mouse over hints.
Unfortunately they don’t list your exact model but a bit of web searching for your model and NUT may turn up something useful, a few of their other models are listed as being supported by the usbhid-ups driver so that may be worth a try.

Hope it works out and yes it is possible to power a few machines from a single UPS, the referenced docs explain this. The system which connects directly to the UPS can be setup in Netserver Mode and all other machines in Netclient mode where they get info about the UPS and power battery status over the network from the Netserver.

Let us know how you get on.

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I must have completely glossed over everything that said USB. I guess because I kept reading NUT and assuming it was network only, meaning ethernet, my brain just skipped a beat. That’s my fault.

I have it set to client and I have it directed to my PowerPanel VM, and when I entered all the information it didn’t yell at me that something was wrong, so I assume things are good, but my UPS isn’t on the compatibility list so I could also run into that issue as well. I think the best thing for me to do break down and just get a UPS that is on the compatibility list so that I know it will work. I could try and tinker with getting Rockstor and my UPS to talk, but since it’s not on the NUT compatibility list, I don’t think my ESXi server will support it.