What are the mobile apps that the rockstor website refers to?

I saw on the rockstor website “store, share, sync and stream” with mobile, tablet and notebook.

Maybe we could list some of these apps that do that, particularly with mobile. I couldn’t find a list on the website so far.

Not sure, but I think it might be related to owncloud.

Yes, that refers to Rock-ons in general. It seems like there is an issue with latest Plex image. Currently arbitrary images are pulled from docker hub. But I am working on improvements to the Rock-on framework to make things better for those that want to easily run their own docker containers and provide a consistent experience(by locking images versions) for those that prefer canned Rock-ons.

Sorry this is really not an answer to your question, but at least you should know where we are at in this effort.

Yes, this is a good reminder that improvements to messaging are overdue and messaging should be clear, especially for Rock-ons where we just lump everything in one paragraph, without giving specific examples.