What happens if I mix up the sata drive cables

I have a raid 10 config with four drives. What happens if I mix up the sata cables? Are the drives tied to a specific sata controller port when installed or is it like LVM and identified by the volume label?



@perazim Hello again. Changing drive around shouldn’t be a problem, assuming the controllers you are using are all the same. Ie you can’t always change drives between different hardware raid controllers. But if they are all plain HBA’s then you should be OK. Rockstor simply overseas the lower levels of drive management with a Web-UI and some mount management so anything that goes for the regular linux drive subsystem should be good; assuming filesystem / partition compatibility etc. There is as yet no hot plug capability in btrfs so all changes must be done with the machine powered down and all drives must be connected prior to the next power up else there will be no (non degraded) mount allowed (current udev / btrfs design decision).

Hope that helps.



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