Wireless 802.11AC Support?

Does the latest version of Rockstor support 802.11AC networking?

If so, would it support a TP-Link Archer T8E wireless card?


That card isn’t detected by Linux natively yet, you would need to use the third party Broadcom drivers which are a pain in the butt in Rockstor’s elrepo kernel. Unless you feel like compiling your own drivers for it or putting it in a Windows system, I would ship that card back.

I don’t believe Rockstor has any support to act as a media hotspot yet, though you could connect it to an existing wireless network once you had a supported card.

I have a card installed (drivers are installed so is supported?) so how do you connect to a wireless network. I dont see any uid/pw in network section?

@birdog Sorry I saw your other post and haven’t got round to replying. Currently the WebGUI of Rockstor doesn’t support setting up a wifi connection. It may well be you could sort this via command line tools and the underlying network manager system though. Sorry not much help but at least that’s why you don’t see the wifi specific options there.:smile:
I know the network config has recently undergone a tidy up so it may now be easier to add this feature but I am unsure if this is on the cards. Wifi is notoriously unreliable and NAS systems are arguably better of sticking to wired connections given their central data preservation nature.
Hope that helps.

Just pasting a link to the recent wiki article by @suman on the network tidy up (ie using nmcli).


@birdog, welcome to Rockstor community. I am glad you like the product. @phillxnet has pretty much answered the current state of support with networking. Things are tidied up for the next release, but no specific support for wifi configuration is added.

You should be able to use nmcli on the terminal to set it up while the support is lacking in the Web-UI. I’ve created a new issue for this so we can work on it at some point in the future: https://github.com/rockstor/rockstor-core/issues/895

I think at the very least, someone can provide a simple nmcli recipe to connect to wifi. I’ll certainly post instructions when I get a chance, but others may get to it before me :smile:

Thanks for the quick replies, this is a good excuse for me to try out Fedora KDE finally as i usually stick to Debian based distros. I even tried out OpenMediaVault (Debian based) before trying Rockstor and that was unstable user interface and many other issues i didn’t try to find out workarounds. I was expecting the same with Rockstor truthfully and was expecting to go back to FreeNas but I am blown away. If i find a way to connect with nmcli i will post an update here. I am only renting now so cant add wires so need wireless. I will probably buy a TP-Link TL-WR703N and install DD-Wrt or OpenWrt and use it as an access point if I cant figure out nmcli.

I should note that i do not need static IP as my current router is set up with DHCP assigned static IP based on the Mac # of my WiFi card. I do not see any access to a terminal from the Web Gui, am i just not seeing it or do I have to get my keyboard, mouse and monitor and plug it back in or is there a way to use Putty?

Think i found the page i need to try and connect here at Fedora Documents

You are right, there is not terminal access from the Web-UI. If you have an ip address for the box some how(seems that way given you are able to use the Web-UI), you can ssh as root user at that ip address. If not, yes, you have to connect keyboard and monitor.

An Ethernet > Wireless bridge might be a lot easier than trying to find an 11AC adaptor with decent Linux support.