Wireless logon to server

hello I have been reading through the post and I haven’t seen what i am looking for. my question is can I log into my server wirelessly with a laptop.


I log into the web admin and via SSH wirelessly from my laptop many times a week.
It works fine.

I am not talking about remote login I am talking about under my own network I can connect from a wired pc just not wireless

@kenneth_mccombs Welcome to Rockstor.

I wonder if your wifi connection is configured differently with regard to firewall settings maybe. Bit of a shot in the dark I’m afraid but worth a look. Don’t know if this is actually a thing, it isn’t on linux, but you don’t state your laptops operating system.

Hope that helps

thanks for the help. i have it working now after installing google chrome.thanks for the suggestions.but i am new to rockstor sort of i tried it a while back and got discourage. but now i am trying it out again hopefully with better luck i have a test machine i am testing on. so i am sure i will have plenty of question. thanks again