After adding disk, used space is incorrectly reported

I recently added a disk to my 3.8-12 setup. After doing so I re-balanced the disks in just a single pool. After doing so, the dashboard, and the Shares screen all report incorrect usage stats. Some shares I know have data in them show 0% used, while some shares, that I’m adding to count up, but I figure it’s rather inaccurate. I figured that it was because I added it, and didn’t reboot after the fact, but even after reboot it’s still wrong. Is there a way to fix this. Not knowing how much storage I have used is a little bit of an issue.

I have the same problem. I’m running the current build and don’t know why my shares aren’t accurately reporting space used/available. I posted about it elsewhere, hopefully it will get patched soon. I’m running RAID 1, not 5/6, so I should be as stable as BTRFS can be.

Please see my comment to this other thread: